What is that light on my dashboard? My smart key is dead, so how do I get into and start my car??

Dead key fobAutomotive service departments across the country are inundated with questions like these on a daily basis. Here at DashboardSymbols.com, our aim is to give you the answers you need. To help you understand DashboardSymbols.comwhat is happening to your vehicle at the first sign of trouble – a new warning light illuminated on your instrument panel or a misbehaving push button- or keyless-start car. Read on below to learn more about us, or:

  • If you need information on a typical picture-style warning light, click here …
  • If that new warning light has text inside it, we have them in alphabetical order right here …
  • Are you seeing more than one warning light?? Click here …
  • And if you’re key fob no longer works, we just might be able to help. Click here …

The Rest of Our Story

Here at DashboardSymbols.com, our aim is to help you understand what is happening to your vehicle at the first sign of trouble – a new warning light illuminated on your instrument panel or a misbehaving push button-start car. Its all here on this website.


And, with our Mobile Apps, we put the tools you need in the palm of your hand. Translators, if you will, for what is a new language developing around the latest automotive technologies.

And, in the case of our Dead Key FOB app, actual instructions to get you into your car and underway.


Cars are changing, and among those changes is the growing number of symbols and indicators that will invariably show up on your dashboard or instrument panel. Every year, new features are added to vehicles, each of which is accompanied by a new symbol or acronym.

Drivers are frustrated, afraid and sometimes even angry at the growing number of these seemingly senseless symbols. Known as tell-tales in the industry, we are dedicated to keeping them sorted out for you.

And Smart Keys or Intelligent Keys, or Access Keys – or whatever the manufacturer of your chooses to call them – that let you into your car and start it with just a touch use up their internal batteries at alarming rates, catching busy drivers unawares – even though the car has been trying to warn you. With more symbols!

Our goal is to help you feel safe – and keep moving if at all possible – rather than leave you fretting whenever one of these lights shows up or your key fob stops working. The first-cut answers can be found on our pages as well as instructions for getting into and starting most keyless start cars – without roadside assistance.

Your car’s manufacturer and your dealer may expect you to memorize all this, but we don’t. We know you are busy and need a break!

We also recognize that nearly no one remembers a rarely-used piece of information until they have dealt with it multiple times.

So, you can keep the Symbol meanings and a back up plan for your Smart Key with you! Download our Mobile Apps today!

And if you a dealer or dealer group, let us help you give your customers a customized back up plan. Contact us for details.


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