Active, Adaptive and Cornering Light Malfunction Symbols

AFS Off IndicatorAdaptive Front Lighting System IndicatorAFS and AFLS in these symbols or indicators stand for Adaptive Front-lighting or Front Lighting System. Coupled with the word OFF, it indicates that the system has been turned off with an available switch.


If the AFS OFF light flashes or the AFLS light remains on, they indicate a fault in the system, and your dealer will be needed for a repair.

Cornering Headlamps Malfunction IndicatorAnother indicator of a malfunction is the picture symbol to the right, a curved arrow, indicating movement, above a headlight beam. The beam is represented by the closed rounded triangle with lines above it. The symbol is used by manufacturers who call the system Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL), Active Bending Light (ABL) System or Cornering Headlights. Another example of multiple industry names for the same basic system and again, your dealer will be needed for repairs.

Either headlight system move the direction of the headlights left or right – the arrow – in concert with the steering. When the system is off, the headlights work as they have for a century, so there is no need to be concerned.

Note that these active systems often have an on/off switch that may have been accidentally been tripped on the dashboard (as noted) or inside a menu found in an instrument panel display. Look for the same acronym on a switch or in the menu.


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