Automatic Headlight Dimmer or Malfunction Indicator Symbols

Auto Headlamp Dimmer IndicatorHigh-beam Assistant IndicatorThese are the Automatic Headlight Dimmer indicator symbols. The system is also known as the High Beam Assistant. Shown in green, the symbols indicates that the high beams are on and that the system will automatically (AUTO or A) switch between the low and high headlight beams on the automobile depending on whether or not sensors detect oncoming vehicle head lights in the distance.

Believe it or not, similar systems have been available in some form on high-end vehicles since the 1950s!


Headlamp Malfunction 2This version is an Automatic Headlamp Dimmer Malfunction indicator symbol. It is displayed in yellow/amber. The letter A, for Automatic, sits inside the headlamp and an exclamation point is added to the side. The headlights themselves will continue to function in high or low beam, but they will need to be cycled manually.

All these indicators use the shape of an old style headlamp with lines pointing outward, which are meant to be beams of light.


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