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Car Evolution

Cars continue to advance, and in too many cases, faster than their drivers. Slowly but surely, the car is becoming a computer. We can only hope that software glitches will not be as common in the automotive industry.

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Among other changes is the growing number of symbols and indicators that will invariably show up on your instrument panel. This site is dedicated to keeping those sorted out for you.

I have been in the auto industry off and on for 12 years, and going back a good 25. But what I’ve heard lately has led to this site in hopes of developing an avenue to get real help to drivers who are simply that, drivers. Not car people, but drivers. Car people make up the industry, as one would hope, but they are quickly losing touch with the everyday folks with jobs they have to get to and kids to raise, who must drive their cars.

I have spoken to people who are frustrated, angry, afraid of and even hate their cars. This has to change. And if this is where it starts, then so be it.


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