Cruise or Speed Control Indicators

Cruise Control IndicatorCruise Control Indicator light in text form. This light is illuminated when the cruise control is engaged. It is perfectly straightforward, as opposed to the two image symbols below that are now often used in its place.

Note that some manufacturers use this light in yellow/amber when the system is on but not engaged. The indicator will also be yellow/amber if there is a system malfunction. And there’s still more…



Cruise Control Main IndicatorAnother Cruise Control IndicatorAlternatively, some manufacturers use the Text Symbol to the left, Cruise Main, to indicate that the cruise control system is turned on. Once a speed is set, it reverts to the Text Symbol to the right, Cruise Control.

Cruise Control Indicator SymbolAn alternate Cruise Control Indicator symbol. This is a new symbol that sometimes replaces the simple Text Symbols that remain in use. Unfortunately, it is not immediately obvious to most what this symbol represents, until it is explained.

It is, of course a representation of a speedometer (the dial), with a pointer (arrow) indicating a speed. A second version in more advanced systems is even more confusing.

Active Cruise Control SymbolAnd last but not least, the Active Cruise Control Indicator symbol. This symbol adds a car to the speedometer and arrow in the previous symbol. Again, unfortunately it is not immediately clear to the average driver just what it is trying to say.

Variously called Radar Controlled or Adaptive, the systems operate the same way. It is not warning of an imminent collision, but rather showing that the cruise control system will maintain the speed needed to maintain the proper distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you.

Set Indicator (Cruise Control)This is a Set Indicator symbol. Some manufacturers use Set to indicate that a speed has been chosen. It may be used to indicate a system problem. It will blink if that is the case.


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