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Drivetrain, Shift or Powertrain Trouble Symbols


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Drivetrain Trouble IndicatorThis is a Drivetrain or Powertrain trouble symbol or light, and will be red if it comes up. This same symbol is also used as an Electric Shift Control System Warning Indicator. It indicates a problem has been detected generally in the automatic transmission or transaxle, or its shift system. It should be serviced as soon as possible.

There is little that is user-serviceable in these systems, so you will need the help of your dealer or authorized service center. Some manufacturers also use this to indicate an engine problem, but the Check Engine light is generally reserved for this.

Powertrain Trouble IndicatorWhile the exclamation point is a recurring motif in automotive instrument panel symbols, the wrench is a bit more rare. Neither is it very informative unless, a) the driver is already familiar with it or, b) the driver stops and reads the owners manual.



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