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Headlamp Out Indicator Symbols

Headlamp Out IndicatorLamp Out SymbolThese are Headlamp Out Indicator symbols. One or more of the headlamp bulbs is burned out or malfunctioning. This is another symbol that may utilize an exclamation point, which indicates a problem. The second symbol is an alternative Lamp Out indicator. Some vehicles may include a message in the instrument panel noting exactly which bulb is burned out. In either case, have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

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LED Headlight MalfunctionFinally, modern LED (Light Emitting Diode) headlamps evidently require a new variation. The shining headlamp, represented by a rounded triangle with line emanating from it, with an exclamation point inside indicates a malfunction in an LED headlamp. Check with your dealer or service center, as the lamp itself is not likely to have burned out.



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