Low Brake Pad Warning Light

Brake Pad Wear Warning SymbolThis the Low Brake Pad warning light. Some vehicle manufacturers include this symbol, which is intended to notify you that your vehicle’s brake pads are worn, or low, and need servicing. The dashed lines are meant to represent the pads themselves. Your brakes may also pulse or squeak as a warning when the brake pads are low.

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Please be aware that if the brake pads are allowed to wear too much, damage will be done to the brake rotors, which are the metal component of the brake system that the pads contact when pressing the brake pedal. The light will not give you an indication as to how long you can drive before this occurs, so contact an authorized service center or your dealer as soon as possible. Damage aside, good brakes are essential to your safety!


Note that the symbol of a circle with “brackets” on either side, broken or otherwise, represents brake components. What is shown inside and the details of the “brackets” and/or color specify the nature of the problem.


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