Low Coolant Warning Symbols

Low Coolant IndicatorLow Coolant WarningThese are the Low Coolant warning lights. With or without the arrow, their meaning is straightforward, in that the engine’s cooling system is low on fluid. Topping off the cooling system fluid — with the engine cool — may resolve the issue.

Repeat, may resolve the issue.


However, most cooling systems are sealed and a leak or other issue may be indicated. It would be best to have the system serviced as soon as possible.


Low Coolant Warning IndicatorLow Coolant IndicatorThe shape of the symbols is meant to resemble a radiator and the wavy lines at the bottom indicates fluid level. The waves have also been described as mountains! They are used in a number of symbols and when seen usually means the coolant level is low. The symbol in the center looks more like the Greek Parthenon than a radiator, but there you are.


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