Active or Advanced Cruise Control Indicators

Active Cruise Control SymbolAdaptive Cruise Control Indicator These are Active Cruise Control Indicator symbols. The first symbol adds a car to the speedometer (the dial) and arrow (pointer) found in another symbol. Again, unfortunately it is not immediately clear to the average driver just what it is trying to say. The car indicates that the system is responding to traffic ahead and the arrow indicates a speed has been set.

And the symbols seem to be breeding like rabbits! Almost unending variations. Keep reading …


Follow Mode IndicatorAdaptive Cruise ControlMore variations of the symbol shows a car seemingly being followed by a double arrow (left), the back one of which is open. It will show in green when the system is turned on and amber when actually adjusting the distance to a vehicle ahead. The indicator on the right appears to have lines radiating like heat waves from the roof. They are meant intended to imply a forward looking radar. The system is active if this indicator is shown.

Variously called Radar Controlled, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) or Advanced Smart Cruise Control (ASCC), the systems operate the same way. It is not warning of an imminent collision, but rather showing that the cruise control system will maintain the speed needed to maintain the proper distance between your vehicle and the one ahead of you.

Smart Cruise Control Malfunction IndicatorSmart Cruise MalfunctionSCC Warning Indicator 2The symbols on the left add the exclamation point to the car and speedometer and is in amber. They indicate a problem with the Smart or Active Cruise Control system that your dealer will need to resolve. The same is true of the gray scale image on the right as it appears in a message area on the instrument panel. Your vehicle will otherwise operate normally.


Radar Blocked IndicatorCheck Smart Cruise RadarThese symbolsSmart Cruise Control Radar Warning Indicator are meant to indicate that the system’s radar or camera is blocked. To the left is one showing an arrow pointing the front of the vehicle (or a rectangle or box with two lines in it!) and to the right is one with the familiar exclamation point next to a car with lines in front of it (or behind it). The same is true of the gray scale image on the right as it would appear in a message area on the instrument panel.

Cameras or more commonly radar are used to detect another vehicle in front of yours, and so long as they are blocked, the advanced cruise control system cannot function. If cleaning the front of the car does not clear the symbol, there may be a malfunction, which your dealer will need to address. Standard cruise control can continue to operate, if you choose to use it the vehicle itself is fine.


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