4 Wheel Drive Indicators

4 Wheel Drive Low Indicator4_wheel_drive_low_indicatorThese are 4 Wheel Drive Low Indicator symbols. They indicates that the 4 wheel drive is engaged at a low gear ratio. It is useful when maximum power or traction is needed for steep climbs, sandy or muddy conditions, or off-road driving. Four wheel drive is often shown as 4×4 in publication and may be used in the symbol. LOW may be spelled out or abbreviated.

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4-wheel Drive Hi Indicator4x4 High IndicatorThese two are corresponding 4 Wheel Drive High indicators. The High setting is the default setting in a 4 wheel drive vehicle for normal driving conditions. For this reason, vehicle manufacturers rarely add this indicator. If it is added, High may be spelled out or abbreviated (HI). One manufacturer simply uses a 4×4 Indicator to mean that the vehicle is in 4×4 HIGH.


Two Wheel Drive IndicatorThis symbol, a 4×2 Indicator, says that a 4 wheel drive vehicle is supplying power only to the rear wheels. The use of the rear wheels only is the correct choice in typical driving conditions. That is, smooth, dry roads.

4 Automatic4x4 Auto Indicator4WD Auto IndicatorThe 4A4×4 Auto Indicators and the stick figure indicator with 4WD text in the center both say that 4-wheel drive will be available automatically for additional traction. Only electronically-controlled 4-wheel drive systems will have this available. The 4A indicator becomes a 4 wheel drive trouble light if it remains on when the system is not engaged.

In all cases, the various 4-wheel drive systems are choices that can be made by the driver using either a lever or buttons. If the system will allow a different selection, or if a 4×2 indicator remains illuminated, contact your dealer or authorized service center immediately. Driving will be possible, but only at reduced speed.


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