Low Speed, Grade and Terrain Assist Indicator Symbols

Grade Assist IndicatorTerrain Selector SymbolCrawl Control Indicator SymbolThese are Low Speed, Grade and Terrain Assist Indicator symbols. The symbols have a similar look, depicting and SUV-like vehicle on surfaces of various angles and composition. A given symbol will be active when the system is activated. Makers of 4-wheel drive vehicles have developed systems to help drivers in rugged or slippery terrain or steep grades.

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Grade assist, for example, applies a continuous balance of braking and throttle adjustments to avoid slipping or getting stuck on difficult or slick terrain. The system is similar to the Start Assist shown next.

Hill Start Assist Off IndicatorHill Holder Indicator SymbolThe symbol to the left is a Hill Start Assist (HSA) Off Indicator symbol, which will be on if there are any malfunctions while the engine is running indicating that the system is deactivated. To the right is a Hill Holder Indicator symbol, which will be illuminated when the hill holder switch is activated. Since the system makes use of the vehicle’s brakes, a brake problem is indicated if the light does not come on when the switch is activated. If this occurs, contact you dealer or authorized service center as soon as possible.



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