Door Ajar and Other Indicators

Door Ajar Warning IndicatorDoor Ajar or Door Open Indicator and other symbols. Close the door, trunk lid, rear hatch, hood, or whatever is shown as open as soon as possible. This symbol may also show up in a message center and could be Amber. In a message center, it could be larger as well.

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Trunk Hatch Ajar WarningTrank ajar indicatorThese versions indicate that the Trunk Lid, Hatch or Tailgate is open or not properly latched. The image to the left adds only a bar behind the vehicle. If the lid, hatch or gate is not obviously open, the image’s meaning may not be obvious.

Note that a simple obstruction in a door jamb or trunk latch area may hold any of these slightly open triggering the light. Some manufacturers will have the bar or open door flash, which can help identify the light’s meaning.

Hood ajar indicatorFinally, this is a Hood Ajar warning indicator. Take this seriously. While every car has a secondary latch to keep the hood from flying up while driving, counting on it alone is dangerous. If this light is on, be sure the hood is closed and/or that nothing is preventing the hood from fully closing. Otherwise, have the light and its trigger serviced as soon as possible.


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