Dynamic Stability Control / Electronic Stability Program

Dynamic Stability Control IndicatorThis is a Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) or Electronic Stability / Stabilization Program (ESPsymbol. These are electronic suspension control systems combining elements of braking, steering and suspension to keep the vehicle under control. An exclamation point next to the symbol indicates a system failure.

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These are a unique set of symbols that are part of the main group of Stability Control indicators. It will have an on off switch, and will most often be lit if the system is turned off. Some manufacturers use the symbol to denote systems that they call Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR) (meaning traction control) and Electronic Differential Lock (EDL), which is disabled if a fault in the ASR is detected.

Dynamic Stability ControlA flashing symbol likely means the system requires service. The inclusion of the ‘4 x 4’ is a variation in the appearance of the symbol used in 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Remember that these advanced systems come into play in extreme driving conditions, such as poor weather or rounding a curve excessively fast. Your vehicle is safe to drive with them disabled under most conditions. Contact your dealer or authorized service center for repairs.

Here’s a video describing when and how these lights may appear.



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