Maintenance or Service Required Indicators

Service Reminder IndicatorThese are Maintenance Required Indicators symbols. In most cases, these symbols are used only as a reminder that routine maintenance is needed, such as an oil change, although the car on the lift could suggest a more serious problem.

There are more of these, so read on…


Oil Change Indicator SymbolMaintenance Required IndicatorAll routine services start with a change of the engine oil and filter. The text symbol Oil Change used by some manufacturers says it in the simplest way possible, while the text Maint Reqd may be used to mean the very same thing while implying more.

However, if there is additional text shown identifying trouble with a specific vehicle system, contact your dealer or authorized service center as soon as possible.


Service ReminderIn many European vehicles, a simple wrench (spanner) image will be displayed temporarily as a service interval approaches. It will likely be in gray scale, rather than a more expected amber.

Note that if you see a wrench in red, it indicates a serious powertrain problem.


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