Park Assist Indicator Symbols

Parking Assistance SymbolThese are Park Assist Indicator symbols. The green version will be visible when the system is activated. The manufacturer may refer to this as Intuitive Parking Assistance, Park Distance Control (PDC), etc.

If the symbols is yellow/amber, see below! And that’s not all…


The system uses ultrasonic sensors on the front and rear to detect how close the vehicle is to surrounding objects. The symbol itself is meant to show a “beam” detecting an object (the “traffic cone”) to help you park “P”. The cone is often been described by drivers as a sail.

Park Assist SymbolIf the symbol is illuminated or flashes in yellow/amber, there is a malfunction in the system or the sensors are dirty. A good car washing may be all that is needed. The system has no impact on driving, so you may continue on your way, but do add extra care parking.



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