Suspension Setting and Malfunction Indicator Symbols

Suspension Setting SymbolThese are Suspension Setting and Malfunction Indicator symbols. In green, they denote settings. Many high-end vehicles provide the ability to adjust the shock absorber damping mode. A Sport setting will stiffen the ride, while a Comfort setting will soften the ride.

Suspension Setting SymbolIf neither setting is selected, the shock absorber damping will be “Normal” and no indicator will be shown. Note that most vehicle manufacturers require that the vehicle be stopped in order to change these settings.


Electronically Controlled Suspension Malfunction IndicatorCheck Suspension IndicatorActive Suspension WarningThe ability to control settings are likely electronically controlled. Other manufacturers use the same type of system to control the suspension response automatically depending on road conditions. If a failure occurs, an yellow/amber text symbol may be shown. CK SUSP stands for Check Suspension. The amber shock absorber or spring is an Active Suspension Warning symbol. And the ECS is an acronym for Electronically Controlled Suspension.

In either of these cases, if the advanced system fails, the suspension will default to an average and perfectly safe response mode and the car will be safe to drive. Have the advanced system checked out by you dealer or authorized repair shop as soon as possible.

Suspension MalfunctionA yellow/amber picture symbol that shows a car with two arrows under it is another Suspension Malfunction Indicator. Here, the symbol is connected to an air suspension system, which has the ability to raise or lower the vehicle. The arrows are meant denote up or down motion. A malfunction in an air suspension system will likely leave the vehicle at the bottom of its height range and thus too close to the ground for anything but the smoothest road surfaces.

However, if the symbol appears in red, reduce speed and have the vehicle serviced as soon as possible. Control of the vehicle is likely compromised and potentially dangerous.

Since these systems are likely be tied to the vehicle’s Stability Control System, a second light may appear as well, indicating that the Stability Control System has been turned off. See our Multiple Symbols page for more information.


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