Traction and Active Traction Control Indicators

Trac IndicatorActive Traction Control IndicatorTraction and Active Traction Control Indicator symbols. These symbols indicate that the systems has been activated and doing its job to maintain traction in slippery conditions, hence the green color. Like other text indicators, they intend to inform more directly than diagrams.

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Color is important. A yellow/amber indicator, particularly if it is accompanied by the Master Warning, indicates a problem with the system that your dealer or authorized service center should address. The systems will likely be turned off as well if the Check Engine light is on.

Dynamic Traction Control IndicatorTraction Control System Warning LightThese symbols indicate Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and Traction Control System (TCS) Warnings, variants in the name. Again, green or amber indicates the system is on and functioning or that the system has a malfunction, respectively. The TCS light will also be illuminated if the system is turned off using its control switch.

TCSS OFF IndicatorTRAC OFF IndicatorTraction Control OffThis light will be active when the traction control system is switched off and is generally amber. If the switch is on, a malfunction is indicated. Note that traction control systems use the vehicle’s brakes and throttle in their operations and the malfunctions may be in the antilock brakes or the engine. The ABS or Check Engine light(s) may be on as well.

VSA Indicator SymbolVSC TRAC IndicatorThese symbols indicate a malfunction in the traction control or a related Stability Control system. Separate warning lights are generally the rule, but some of the first vehicles that employed the systems had their warning lights combined. The vehicle should be taken to the dealer or authorized service center as soon as possible for repair.


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