4 Wheel, All Wheel Drive Trouble Indicators

4 Wheel Drive Indicator4 Wheel Drive (4WD) Trouble Indicator symbol. This light will only be illuminated if there is a malfunction in the 4WD system. The light will also come on if the front wheel or tire diameters are different from those on the rear. The vehicles speed should be reduced immediately and taken to your dealer or authorized service center as soon as possible for servicing.

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Super Handling All Wheel Drive IndicatorThis is a trouble light for what one manufacturer calls its Super Handling (SH) All Wheel Drive (AWD). The vehicle should be serviced as soon as possible. If the light comes on while driving, the differential temperature is too high and the vehicle should be pulled over to allow it to cool. The light will then go out.

4 AutomaticThis light, 4A, illuminates when the 4×4 Automatic drive system is engaged. However, it indicates a system problem if it is on but the system is not engaged. A visit to an qualified service shop will be needed.


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