Blind Spot Warning / Monitoring System Symbols

Blind Spot IndicatorBLIS IndicatorThese are Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) Warning or Blind Spot Detection (BSD), Blind Spot Alert (BSA) System (left) or BLind spot Information System (BLIS) (right) symbols. Yet another instance of a system with manufacturer-dependent names for reasons that are not at all clear.

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The light or symbol, often seen on the outside mirrors themselves, will illuminate when a vehicle is detected in the blind spot. The light may flash while the turn signal is operated. Manufacturers who employ the light on the instrument panel also employ an indicator lamp on the inside of the mirror to draw attention to side of the vehicle being intruded upon.

The systems monitor the areas on either side of the vehicle just behind the driver and front passenger for unseen vehicles and obstructions. The indicator lights look like vehicles pointing a beam at another vehicle, which is pretty much what it is doing.

Blind Spot Alert MalfunctionSystem problems are generally indicated by a separate alert and text message in the instrument panel. These may include the Blind Spot Alert Malfunction indicator at the left. A malfunction will not effect any driving systems, so you may continue on your way. Blind Spot Monitoring will not be available, however.

BSM Indicator SymbolBlind Spot Monitor Off IndicatorAlternatively or in conjunction with the symbols above, text symbols with the acronym BSM, or Blind Spot Monitor, or BSM OFF, may be seen on the instrument panel. BSM alone in green simply indicates the system is on. On of the symbols above will be seen in the outside mirrors themselves.

BSM alone and in amber indicates a problem with the system. If on continuously, BSM OFF indicates the system has been turned off. If flashing, BSM OFF indicates a problem with the system. See your dealer or authorized service center for repairs. The vehicle can be driven without the benefit of the advanced system.



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