Electronic Shift or Throttle Control Indicators

ECT Power IndicatorThese are various Electronic Shift or Throttle Control Indicators. First is the ECT Power Indicator symbolECT stands for either Electronically Controlled Transmission or Throttle. In the PWR or power mode, indicated by the green color, your vehicle is either kept it in a lower gear for more powerful acceleration in difficult terrain or allowed to throttle more powerfully or deliberately.

And there’s still more…


ETCS IndicatorThis is a variant called Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS). This acronym is likely to appear with the word Power or Snow. ETCS or ECT are systems activated by a dashboard or console button or switch. The amber color is used to denote that the system should be deactivated under normal driving conditions.

Electric Shift MalfunctionA picture symbol, an Electronic Shift Malfunction indicator in amber. Click here if it is red. It features a bumpy circle, meant to be a transmission ring gear. Inside is the traditional sign of trouble, the exclamation point. The vehicle’s text display will likely ask (demand) that the parking brake be applied for safety. Time to call your dealer or authorized service center.


EML IndicatorThis is a variant with a German acronym. EML stands for Elektronische Motorleistungsregelung, or Electronic Throttle Control. The light comes on when there is a malfunction in the system.

Settings IndicatorDo not confuse the third image with the Settings Indicator symbol on the left. It is nearly identical to the bumpy circle used when referring to the transmission, but lacks any addition in the center and is shown in gray scale. The settings indicator will most generally be seen in the separate Information Display and is the what we have become used to seeing on our phones and computers.


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