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Information Displays and Message Centers

Below are examples of Information Displays and Message Centers. These are the latest trend on electronic instrument panels. They will be for the most part shades of black and white, although some manufacturers are choosing a blue background. Full color displays are slowly coming into use.

Advertisement Fob Learning Center

These displays are also wider and a bit taller than traditional symbols and indicators. These will not be red or orange or yellow, which are reserved for malfunction or trouble indicators and symbols.

Lane Keeping Assistance Maintenance Reminder Example Miles per Gallon Image Hybrid Operation Image

The bottom line is this: if something appears unexpectedly, there will be a red, orange or yellow symbol visible on the instrument panel in addition to the display.


If there isn’t, there is nothing wrong and a display key on the steering wheel or one of the control stalks has likely been touched accidentally. Consult your manual for options to restore the display to its original view.

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