Lane Departure Warning Indicators

Lane Departure IndicatorThese are all Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Lane Departure Prevention (LDP), Lane Keeping Assist/Aid (LKA), Lane Keeping Assistant System (LKAS), LaneSense Indicator symbols, or are part of a Lane Departure WarningDriver Alert System. Assuming there are detectable lane markers, these indicators will light and will blink yellow/amber if the vehicle is traveling close to either the left or the right of the traveling lane.

Frustratingly, there are eight more of these. below!


A warning chime may also be heard. Lane Departure SymbolThe symbols look like a car in a lane or leaving a lane (or breaking through a fence!), or like lane markers with arrows pointing at them.

Lane Departure System OffLane Keeping AssistantThe light is green if the system is simply on. Most manufacturers who offer the system or systems make use of the larger Information Displays (see here) to indicate the system’s operation, and others offer a text symbol like the one to the left. If the system is turned off, you may see a the symbol to the right, which includes the word OFF.


Lane Departure Warning IndicatorLane Keeping Assistant System IndicatorThese versions, an LDW light, blinks if the system is active and the lane markers are approached. If any of these lights remain on in yellow/amber without blinking, including another that adds inward pointing arrows below the car image, there may be a fault in the system. Alert System Service IndicatorThe picture symbol on the right, which adds the exclamation point to the image of a car leaving a lane, is also used by some manufacturers to indicate a fault.

In all cases, the vehicle is still drivable, but the system will need to be serviced by your dealer or authorized service center.

LKAS AmberLKAS WhiteWith the use of LKAS acronym, the amber light comes on for a few seconds when the ignition is turned on. If the light stays on, it also indicates a problem with the system. The light comes on in white when the system is active and operating.


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