Security and Immobilizer System Indicator Symbols

Security Indicator SymbolImmobilizer System IndicatorThese are Security and/or Immobilizer System Indicator symbols used by auto manufacturers. One of these symbols lights momentarily to indicate that the ignition switch is locked and will need the proper transponder-equipped key  fob to start or re-start. The vehicle is immobilized otherwise. Green symbols will flash when the vehicle is immobilized.

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Text Security IndicatorSecurity Lock IndicatorThe text Security shown to the left has largely been replaced by the padlocked car image shown next to it. Their operation is the same as those above.

However, if any of these symbols is visible when the vehicle is operating, it indicates a malfunction in the security system. If the engine does not start with the correct key, and the security indicator remains on, the system may have a malfunction. You will need to contact your dealer or authorized service center in either case.


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