Transmission Oil Temperature Indicator

Transmission Oil Temperature IndicatorAuto Transmission Oil TemperatureThese are Automatic Transmission Oil Temperature Indicator symbols. Generally seen in red, it means exactly what it says, that the oil temperature in the transmission is too high, which risks transmission  failure. Some manufacturers show the symbol as amber. This indicator is generally available in 4- or all-wheel drive vehicles with towing packages.


Transmission Temperature WarningA picture symbol may also be used. It is a ‘bumpy ring’ with a thermometer symbol inside it. The ring is used to represent a transmission in a number of instances. Pull over and allow the transmission to cool down or there is a risk of failure.

Settings IndicatorDo not confuse the third image with the Settings Indicator symbol on the left. It is nearly identical to the bumpy circle used when referring to the transmission, but lacks any addition in the center and is shown in gray scale. The settings indicator will most generally be seen in the separate Information Display and is the what we have become used to seeing on our phones and computers.



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