Diesel Particulate Filter Warning Symbol Indicators

Diesel Particulate Filter symbol indicator 1Diesel Particulate Filter symbol indicator 2These are variants of Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Warning symbol indicators. The light will be green during DPF regeneration. A yellow/amber light means that regeneration is needed, which is done automatically while driving. A manual regeneration procedure may also be available.

A red light indicates that the DPF requires regeneration immediately. The check engine or service engine soon light will come on and engine power will be reduced if the filter is not attended to. Check out some similar symbols below…


Diesel Exhaust FilterDiesel Exhaust Filter 2This symbol indicates that the Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is low. The fluid creates a catalytic reaction that removes particles from the exhaust. When low, the fluid must be topped off. The fluid will need to be replaced if it is contaminated. To the right is another particle filter symbol. It may appear with an exclamation point in it indicating a failure of the system or that engine emissions are too high. Contact your dealer or authorized service center in order to properly address any failures.


All of these odd looking images are meant to indicate exhaust flow through a pipe. Lots of wavy lines, pipe openings and what could even be interpreted as flames are used.

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