Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Battery Warning Symbol

Hybrid Battery Trouble IndicatorThese are the Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Warning symbols. The first light indicates a malfunction in a Hybrid vehicle’s main hybrid battery, which must be serviced by your dealer or authorized service center as soon as possible. It is distinguished from the Charging System Warning symbol with the addition of the word Main under the image of a more typical battery.

High Voltage System FaultThis is a High Voltage System Fault Indicator symbol for a Plug-in hybrid. An exclamation point is shown in a drawing of what looks like a D battery, which is meant to invoke the system’s battery. It could also be described as a box or a rectangle. It is likely that only the vehicle dealer can correct a problem with this system.


Hybrid Warning IndicatorWe found this one in the owner’s manual for a new hybrid, but a clear explanation for its meaning was not shown. It is, however, red, and the image of a traditional battery, so it most likely indicates a serious issue with the hybrid system or battery. Also, there will likely be an additional message on the instrument panel. Look for it and please check with your dealer!


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