Ford Dead Key Fob Help: Part I, Getting In

Getting into Your Ford

Retrieving the mechanical key

Ford vehicles use a number of different Intelligent Access Ford fob style 1(IA) (remote control or ‘clicker’) key styles. Two of the key fobs use a sliding release on the back side to release the key. Two new key fobs use a push button to release the mechanical key, and one is much easier than the other to use. Another holds the key inside the fob itself and is really difficult to remove.

Ford Key #2To release the mechanical key blade in your IA key fob, slide the release on the back of the transmitter and pull the blade out. You can now use the mechanical key to unlock the driver’s door.


An exception is the third key fob style shown. In this case, the removable mechanical key blade is held inside the fob. Slide the release on the back of the remote control (top arrow) and pivot the cover off Ford key style 3(pull is straight up and off) to access the key blade. Its awkward and may take some practice. That mechanical key can now be used to unlock the driver’s door.

This fourth and unusual Intelligent Access key fob is found with only a handful of Ford models. The mechanical key blade is found on the back of the fob. Ford fob style 4To remove it, push the buttons on either side of the key fob.

We have not seen one of these, so it is not immediately obvious if the mechanical key stays attached to the fob, as it would appear from the image, or if it can actually be removed.


Finally, this last key fob was introduced in some Fords in 2017, and it is the simplest to use. New Ford KeyIt has a push button on the front of the mechanical key itself near the key ring space. Simply push the button and pull the mechanical key away from the IA key.

Getting Inside

In 2013, the Ford Fusion became yet another car that has the key hole hidden under a cap at the back of the driver’s door handle. The 2015 Mustang and Ford Keyhole Coverthe 2016 Edge have since been added to this list.

To remove the cap, insert the key blade into the slot on the bottom of the handle (left image, bottom arrow) and press up. While holding that upward pressure, move the cap rearward to release it. Gently remove the key while doing so. Yes, the effect is that of prying off a piece of your car but its OK and necessary!

To reinstall the cap, place it just forward of the key cylinder. While applying pressure to the cap, move it forward until it is in place. It snaps into place. Make sure the cap is properly installed by trying to move it rearward.

Remember, getting IN the car is most important. If you have difficulty replacing the cap, don’t. Let your dealer do it when you get a new battery for your IA Key FOB!

Look for video help here.

Expedition key holeThe Ford Expedition is updated for 2018, and features another way to hide the key hole. The door handles are a single piece. The key hole is easily exposed by simply pulling the driver’s door handle. It is seen angled outward at the back end of the handle. Insert the mechanical key and turn clockwise. Remove the key and release the handle. The door will open on the next pull. Note that the alarm will sound in a minute or so if the car is not started in time.

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