Jaguar and Land Rover Dead Key Fob Help: Part I, Getting In

Getting into Your Jaguar or Land Rover

Retrieving the mechanical key

Jaguar and Land Rover use three styles of Smart Keys fobs. For Style 1, press Jaguar Style 1 Keyand hold the release button while pulling the key blade from the Smart Key (remote control or ‘clicker’) body. The release button must be pressed as well to return the key blade.


Jaguar Key Style 2For Style 2, press and hold the release button, while lifting the emergency (mechanical) key blade cover from the Smart Key body. Extract the emergency key blade and unfold. On some models, the lock cylinder (keyhole) at the back of the door handle will be visible. If so, use the key blade to unlock the door.

Jag 3 LRover keyStyle 3, used by both Jaguar and Land Rover, hides the mechanical or emergency key beneath one side of the fob. Slide the side cover towards the top of the fob as shown to release and remove it. The mechanical key can then be slipped out the same way and unfolded.


Vehicles using the Style 3 key all have hidden key holes, so move to the next step, below.

Getting Inside

jaguar_handleIf the keyhole is not visible, insert the key blade into the slot at the base of the door lock cover located near the back of the driver’s door handle and lift slightly to pry away the lock cover and expose the lock cylinder. The key blade will need to be twisted slightly as well. If you are in the dark, you may need to feel for the slot. Yes, you must pry off a piece of the car. It is uncomfortable but necessary and will uncover the hidden keyhole.

For the Land Rover and some Jaguars built after 2015 and using Land Rover Key Hole Coverthe Style 3 key fob, the process is just slightly different. There is still an access hole or slot beneath the key hole cover. Insert the key blade into the slot and press down on the cover slightly. Gently lever the key blade upwards and rotate the lock cover upwards to release it. And again, yes, you are prying off a piece of the car.

Once you have exposed the lock cylinder, use the mechanical key to unlock the driver’s door. The alarm sounds until the Smart key is positioned correctly. To disarm continue to Starting Instructions in Part II.

Also, check out our videos for additional Land Rover help.

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Jaguar and Land Rover Dead Key Fob Help: Part II, Getting Started


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