Mazda Dead Key Fob Help

Getting into Your Mazda

Retrieving the mechanical key

For your Mazda, slide the release lever on the back of the advanced key Mazda Mechanical Key(remote control or ‘clicker’) to release the auxiliary (mechanical) key. Pull out the auxiliary key from the advanced key. Use the key to unlock the driver’s door.


Starting Your Mazda

Mazda uses three versions of keyless start systems.


Mazda Start Style 1For Style 1, found in Mazda3 (including MazdaSpeed3) and Mazda6 prior to 2014, slide the auxiliary key out from the bottom of the advanced key. Use the auxiliary key to remove the key slot cover located on the right side of the steering column. Depress the clutch (manual) or brake pedal (automatic) until the ring around the key slot starts flashing. Insert the auxiliary key into the slot while it is flashing, but do not turn the auxiliary key in the slot. Press the push button start to start the engine.

Mazda Start Style 2Style 2 is found in the CX7, CX9, MX-5 and RX8 models. Remove the Start knob cover by pushing both release buttons and pulling the cover off exposing the key cylinder. Slide the auxiliary key out from the bottom of the advanced key and insert it into the cylinder. Turn the key to start the engine.

The CX5 was the first model to use Style 3 and by 2016 all Mazda models use this method. Push the brake pedal, or the clutch Mazda Start Style 3pedal if you have a manual transmission. This will cause the indicator light in the Start / Stop button to flash green. While it flashes, touch the back side of the key fob to the Start / Stop button, which will cause the green indicator light to stop flashing and remain lit. Push the Start / Stop button to start the engine as normal – or with the fob itself.

Note: If you have made an attempt to start the vehicle without success, there may be residual pressure in the brake system and a new warning light may appear (left) or text Engine Start Operation Indicatormessage to Step on the Brake. Press the brake pedal very, very hard when trying to start the vehicle again to be sure that the release switch behind the pedal is engaged. Check out this page for more!

Here’s some video help for Mazdas build after 2013.

And one for some built before 2014.

And a second one with more pre-2014 models.


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