Nissan and Infiniti Dead Key Fob Help

Getting into Your Nissan or Infiniti

Retrieving the mechanical key

For a Nissan– and Infiniti-made vehicle, to remove the mechanical key, release Nissan Mechanical Keythe lock knob at the back of the Intelligent Key (remote control or ‘clicker’). Use the mechanical key in the driver’s door key cylinder to unlock the door.

And then in 2017, Infiniti introduced the QX30 AND a brand new key fob. At least to them. So, here’s the deal…


Infiniti Tapered KeyThe second key fob is the spitting image of the fob used by the Mercedes-Benz folks for years. A few old Chrysler Corp. (now FCA) vehicles use it too.

The fob (right) has a tapered tip at one end and a slide lever at the top of the key ring end (1). Slide the lever over and pull the key ring to retrieve the mechanical key.

Starting Your Nissan or Infiniti

Nissan Key Port 1

Two Styles exist in Nissan and Infinity vehicles. Some models use Style 1. In this case, insert the Intelligent Key in the port provided. It will be found to the left of the steering column. It might be horizontal (first image) or vertical (second image).

If an attempt is made to start the vehicle with a discharged Intelligent Key, a guide light will illuminate at the port. Nissan Key Port 2Insert the key fob with the buttons up in the horizontal port or with the buttons facing the door in the vertical port. Make sure the key ring side is out.

Once the key fob is inserted, the vehicle can be started as normal by pressing the Start / Stop ignition button while depressing the brake. Note that the port does not recharge the fob’s battery.

Nissan Start No PortIf a port does not exist, Style 2 comes into play. Simply touch the ignition switch with the Intelligent Key (a chime will sound). Push the ignition Start / Stop button while depressing the brake pedal within 10 seconds after the chime sounds to start the engine.


And finally, in the Infiniti QX30, the Start / Stop button appears to ‘float’ above the dashboard. Mercedes Start ButtonPull it away exposing the ignition switch. If necessary the tip of the mechanical key can be used as a pry bar.

Please, please, do NOT try this if you do not have a tapered key as shown above! Insert the tapered end of the key fob into the switch and turn to start the car old school style.

Note: If you have made an attempt to start the vehicle without success, there may be residual pressure in the brake system and a new warning light may appear (left) or text Engine Start Operation Indicatormessage to Step on the Brake. Press the brake pedal very, very hard when trying to start the vehicle again to be sure that the release switch behind the pedal is engaged. Check out this page for more!

Click here for video help with Nissan and Infiniti models and key fobs.


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