Toyota, Scion or Lexus Dead Key Fob Help: Part I, Getting In

Getting into Your Toyota, Scion or Lexus

Retrieving the mechanical key

toyota_keyThree key fob (remote control or ‘clicker’) versions may be seen in Toyota, Lexus and Scion models. Slide the catch on the top of most Lexus key fobs, or on the side of Toyota and Scion models. Some later Toyota Key FobLexus) models use this key as well. Pull the key ring from the fob while the catch is slid to one side to remove the emergency or mechanical key blade.

Lexus Key Fob 2A slight variation in even later Lexus models has the slide lever on the top of the key ring end, but not on the mechanical key itself. Slide the lever and pull the key ring away to retrieve the mechanical key.



Getting Inside

On some models, the lock cylinder or keyhole at the back of the door handle will be visible. If so, use the key blade to unlock the door.

toyota_handleIf the keyhole is not visible, insert the mechanical key into the slot at the base of the door lock cover located near the back of the driver’s door handle and lift slightly to pry away the lock cover and expose the lock cylinder. If you are in the dark, you may need to feel for the slot. Yes, you must pry off a piece of the car. Insert the key blade into the now-exposed lock cylinder to operate. The key can only be inserted in one direction, so turn the key over and try again if it does not go in the first time.

NX key holeIf you do not see a seam or a keyhole, you have the latest Lexus models (NX and RC F) and need only to pull the handle out as you see in the image to expose the keyhole. Insert the mechanical key and turn and you’re in. There is only a small amount of space, so actually turning the key can be a chore.

If you are fortunate enough to own the Lexus LC500 halo car, the door handles are flush to the body. LC500 key holePress the front of the driver’s door handle inwards. The key hole is then exposed behind the rear portion of the handle. As above, insert the key and turn and you’re in.


Click here for video help with these models and key fobs.

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