Volkswagen and Audi Dead Key Fob Help: Part I, Getting In

Getting into Your Volkswagen or Audi

Retrieving the mechanical key

VW / Audi Key FobThere are three general styles of key fobs in use with Volkswagen and Audi models. With the older style shown to the right, press the chrome button on the back of the key fob (remote control or ‘clicker’) to release the spring-loaded mechanical key, which remains attached to the key fob.

Audi, VW Advanced KeyNewer Volkswagen and Audi models use what they called an Advanced Key, shown here. The mechanical key is separated from the fob (or remote control or ‘clicker’) by pressing the button on the back side of the fob, shown with the arrow, while pulling on the same key ring end.



Audi introduced a third Advanced Key fob style in 2016 that for some reason requires pushing Audi Key Fob 2two buttons at the same time. They are on either side of the key ring end, as shown. Push them both while pulling the key ring out to retrieve the mechanical key.

Getting Inside

On some models, the lock cylinder (keyhole) at the back of the door handle will be visible. If so, simply use the key blade to unlock the door.VW /Audi Keyhole Cover

If the keyhole at the back of the driver’s door handle is hidden, press the key blade about a half inch straight up in the hole on the underside of the keyhole cover (a). If you are in the dark, you may need to feel for the hole. This action will loosen the cover and pulling on the door handle will allow you to remove it. Yes, you must remove a piece of the car. Use the mechanical key in the now-exposed lock to unlock the driver’s door.

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