Volvo Dead Key Fob Help

Getting into Your Volvo

Retrieving the mechanical key

Two key fob or remote key or remote control styles are in play for Volvo. With Volvo Keynew ownership and a redesign of the XC-90 in 2016 and spreading into other models as they are updated comes a new key fob style.


To retrieve the mechanical key hiding in the original or Style 1 key fob (right), slide the spring loaded catch on the Remote Key (remote control Volvo Key Style 2or ‘clicker’) to the side. Pull the key blade straight out of the remote key. On some models, the lock cylinder (keyhole) at the back of the door handle will be visible. If so, use the key blade to unlock the door. See below if the key hole is hidden.

As noted, beginning with the 2016 XC-90 redesign, a second style key fob is used (above). To retrieve the Volvo Key Blade 2mechanical key or key blade, look for a slide lever on the top of the key ring end of the fob. This will free the front cover to slide upward and be removed. This exposes the key blade (right), which can be lifted out.

The key hole is not immediately visible on the XC-90, but is easily found, as shown below.

Getting Inside

Volvo Keyhole CoverIf the keyhole at the back of the driver’s door handle is hidden, and you have the Style 1 key fob, follow these instructions.

Press the key blade about a half inch straight up in the hole on the underside of the keyhole cover. If you are in the dark, you may need to feel for the hole. This action will force off the cover. Yes, you must remove a piece of the car. Use the mechanical key in the now-exposed lock to unlock the driver’s door.

Volvo Style 2 LockIn the XC-90 and other redesigns going forward and the Style 2 key fob, the key hole is also hidden, but easily found and nothing needs to be removed. Simply pull the door handle out as far as possible and the key hole is exposed, as shown in the image. Insert the mechanical key (it may be awkward to get at) and turn it clockwise to unlock. Remove the key blade and release the handle. Pull the handle once again and you are in the car.


Note: Unlocking the vehicle with the mechanical key will set off the alarm. Following the start procedure will also turn off the alarm.

Starting Your Volvo

Volvo Key SlotIn a Volvo, and a Style 1 remote key or key fob, the ignition slot comes into play. Insert the key fob into the ignition slot next to or below the Start / Stop button. This will turn off the alarm and allow the vehicle to be started as normal by pressing the Start / Stop button while depressing the brake. The vehicle will recognize the key fob even if the fob’s internal battery is dead. Volvo Slot #2The remote key can be removed from the ignition slot by pressing the key in lightly. It will then be ejected slightly and can be removed from the slot.

Beginning with the XC-90 redesign and the Style 2 key fob, a sensor location is provided for the key fob. It is found in the second cup holder in the center or tunnel console. Volvo Back Up Style 2An illustration of a key with lines radiating from it can be seen at the bottom of the cup holder. Place the key fob in the cup holder. The vehicle will recognize the fob even if the fob’s internal battery is dead. The alarm will be turned off and the car can be started as normal, by turning (yes turning) the Start / Stop switch to the Start position while depressing the brake.

Note: If you have made an attempt to start the vehicle without success, there may be residual pressure in the brake system and a new warning light may appear (left) or text Engine Start Operation Indicatormessage to Step on the Brake. Press the brake pedal very, very hard when trying to start the vehicle again to be sure that the release switch behind the pedal is engaged. Check out this page for more!

Click here for video help specific to Volvo.


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