All Wheel Drive Trouble Indicators

All Wheel Drive Trouble IndicatorAWD Trouble Indicator 2These are the All Wheel Drive (AWD) Trouble Indicator symbols. These lights will be on when All-Wheel Drive is disengaged and the drive mechanism is switched to Front Wheel Drive for maintenance or if there is a problem with the system. The car can be safely operated in front wheel drive.

The symbol will flash if the vehicle is fitted with tires of differing diameters or if the air pressure in any of the tire drops dramatically. The TPMS light will also then be lit, if the vehicle is equipped with the tire monitoring system.


Aff Wheel Drive only Engaged IndicatorSome older vehicles use this red FWD light to indicate a problem with an All Wheel Drive system. FWD stands for Front Wheel Drive, and in this context means that the AWD has been disengaged automatically due to the problem. Only the front wheels will be available until the AWD system is repaired.



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