Brake Assist and Anti-Slip Regulation Fault Indicator

Slip and Brake Fault IndicatorThe picture symbol to the left and the acronyms in the text fault symbol below it both mean Brake Assist System (BAS) and Electronic Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR), which is a stability and traction control system. Any problem with the Brake Assist System shuts down the ASRBrake Assist and Stability Control Fault Indicator, since ASR requires that all brake functions are operating properly for its own proper operation. The picture is of a tire with a double-ended arrow in it meant to suggest rolling.

The Brake Assist system helps in emergency braking situations when the driver can’t push the brake pedal hard enough. A sensor recognizes the attempt at full braking and transmits the signal calling for full brake pressure from the hydraulic booster reducing the stopping distance.


Remember that these advanced systems come into play in extreme driving conditions, such as rounding a curve excessively fast. Your vehicle is safe to drive with them disabled under most normal conditions. Contact your dealer or authorized repair facility for repairs as soon as possible.



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