Engine Oil Level and Sensor Indicators

Engine Oil Level SensorThese are alternative Engine Oil Warning Indicator symbols used by a handful of manufacturers. The added text points the way. Despite the amber color, these two symbols should be addressed as soon as possible.


The first, with the word SENSOR in it, says that the vehicle can no longer warn you if the oil level or pressure drops dangerously low. The wavy line is meant to indicate ‘level’ and the drop represents oil. This symbol should frankly be red as either condition can severely damage your engine and make for a very bad day. Have your dealer or authorized service center repair it immediately.

Engine Oil level Minimum IndicatorThe second, with the added text MIN, says that the engine’s oil level has dropped to its minimum level for safe operation. Add some oil as soon as you can or better yet, use this as an opportunity to get an oil and filter change.



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