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Can the Auto Industry Benefit from a Domino’s Pizza Campaign?

Domino’s Pizza has a marketing campaign that is aimed at coming up with the “Ultimate” pizza delivery vehicle – and selling more pizza. One ad features company president and CEO Patrick Doyle riding along with delivery drivers and getting their opinions on what a delivery vehicle should look like and what its capabilities should be.

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Domino’s is on to something and it could seriously benefit the auto industry. All auto manufacturers test new features with consumers. But if the consumers used in these tests are anything like those found in focus groups, they are often way too eager to please. Where to turn?

The testing system bypasses a massive knowledge base that already exists inside the industry: the men and women who stand on the front line sharing face time with real-world drivers every day. Service writers. They are in touch with those drivers who must actually live with the results of product testing.

Autos are tested every day. And drivers are tested too. Any confusion or problem leads to a call to, or a visit with, their local dealer and a conversation with a service writer.

So manufacturers, do you want to know the impact your car’s new features have on average every day drivers? Even if its not destined to get so big that the press gets hold of it (read MyFordTouch)? Talk to service writers. Listen through their cynicism though, because, like most in the business they also believe that more education is the answer.

That’s the same old solution. Its time for new ones…


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