Start/Stop System Function and Trouble Indicators

Start/Stop Trouble IndicatorStarter System Trouble IndicatorThese are Start/Stop Trouble Indicator symbols. The picture symbol, an exclamation point in a circular arrow, is used in Canada and overseas. U.S. models use the text version. Despite the term “Starter System”, it does not indicate a bad starter motor, but rather a problem with the Start/Stop system.

So here’s the deal:


The circle shaped arrow is a standard icon for Start/Stop systems, whether it indicates a problem or simply says the system is on or off.

Start Stop Malfunction IndicatorThis image with the ‘A’ inside and the exclamation point outside is used in Europe. The ‘A’ stands for Automatic Start/Stop, as its function takes place without a driver’s intervention. Note that if a problem with the system occurs, the vehicle can be operated normally. It will simply function without the fuel saving benefit of the Start/Stop and your dealer will need to be contacted.

Intelligent Stop Start IndicatorStart/Stop systems are fuel saving systems that allow a gasoline-powered engine to shut down at typical idle times, such as at red lights, and restart with the touch of the gas pedal. If a problem occurs, the engine can be restarted using the Start/Stop button. The image to the left is another variation that adds the Economy abbreviation ECO inside the circling arrow to make the point that, when operating, the system adds to fuel economy. It represents an Intelligent Start/Stop System, which is no more than a naming inconsistency.

Stop Start Ready IndicatorStop Start Off IndicatorThese two black and white indicators will ultimately be driving drivers nuts. On, off, crossed out or not? The images are being used in message centers found between the dials on instrument clusters, which makes this a departure from our attention to the red, amber, green and blue icons used on the remainder of the instrument panel.

The image on the left says the engine is ready to restart. The image on the right indicates the Start/Stop system is turned off. In this case, a button or switch somewhere on the dashboard with a similar symbol can be found and pushed to reactivate the system.


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