Electric Park Brake Fault Indicators

Electric Park Brake IndicatorThese symbols (right and below) are Electric Park(ing) Brake (EPB) Fault Indicators . The circle in brackets remains the image used for brakes and in the case to the left adds the lightning bolt, which denotes electricity. It will flash or remain lit if a fault is detected.

They vehicle will be safe to drive, but the parking brake will not operate properly.


The text symbol holding the acronym on the left will alsoElectric Power Brake Warning Indicator indicate a fault in the system if illuminated. If this light is seen along with a Stability Control warning indicator, have the Stability Control System serviced as soon as possible. That system, not the brake, has an issue that needs to be resolved by your dealer or authorized service center.


In any case, the parking brake is also the emergency brake, so don’t wait. Have it repaired!


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