EV (Electric Vehicle) System Warning and Hybrid Service Indicators

EV System IndicatorThis is an EV (Electric Vehicle) System Warning Indicator symbol. The image is of a rather generic automobile with an exclamation point embedded inside. For some EVs, this is the Check Engine Light. It indicates a possible problem in one or more of the following; the traction motor and inverter system, the charge port or charger, the lithium ion battery, the cooling system, or the shift control system. Pretty much any system that allows the vehicle to move. Contact your dealer or authorized repair center before attempting to drive further.

Hybrid Service IndicatorThis second image is listed as a Service Indicator. However, since there are no filters to change or other routine maintenance required, this is likely an indication of a system problem, which must be addressed by a qualified service center. The image, in red, is that of a wrench or spanner split by a lightning bolt, although the bolt may be mistaken for a Z.



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