Power Limitation Indicator Symbol

Power Limitation IndicatorThis is a Power Limitation Indicator symbol and is used exclusively in electric vehicles. The image, which may be seen in yellow/amber or red, has several possible meanings, depending on the manufacturer. The use of the image of a turtle embedded in a circle tells the driver what he or she likely already knows: that the vehicle is less responsive than expected.

European manufacturers use an yellow/amber image when the electric power is in reserve range. Power to the traction motor, and thus the drive wheels, is restricted when the vehicle sees the range drop to four miles or less.


In the Far East, this symbol is used also in yellow/amber to indicate that power has been reduced due to a fault. It can be driven but will need the attention of your dealer or authorized service center for repair as soon as possible.

Illuminated in red in a Hybrid, it means that the vehicle is out of gas and only running on high voltage battery. All a driver needs to do is to find a gas station and fill up. The hybrid’s high voltage battery will not go far in most cases.



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