EyeSight System Malfunction Indicator Symbols

EyeSight Off Indicator SymbolEyeSight Indicator SymbolThese Warning Indicator Symbols are associated with EyeSight Systems. These are driver assistance safety systems meant to help avoid or minimize collisions into obstacles moving in your direction. In use, the systems combine active or adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, and vehicle lane departure warning systems and depends on the proper function of two cameras mounted inside the vehicle near the top of the windshield that produce a stereo image.

The indicator with the line through the words Eye and Sight means the system has been turned off temporarily. This may be due to a dirty or fogged windshield, bad weather conditions (fog or heavy rain for instance), strong light in the direction of travel, or extreme hot or cold. The system will restore itself once the problem is resolved or resolves itself.



In the case of an actual malfunction with the system, the second indicator will flash. This will require your dealer to resolve, although you might try shutting the vehicle off and restarting to reset the system. The vehicle can be operated normally with the warning light on or flashing, but without the benefit of the EyeSight system.

In both cases, the pre-collision and lane departure systems will be turned off, and their respective OFF indicators will be seen as well. Addressing the EyeSight problem will resolve all the warning lights. So, be sure that service personnel begin with the Eyesight system.


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