Second Row or Rear Seat Safety Belt Indicator Symbols

Rear Seatbelt IndicatorThese are Second Row or Rear Seat Safety Belt Warning Indicator symbols. In the simplest case, if a rear seat passenger is detected, the safety belt symbols come on in yellow/amber and stay on for several seconds to alert the driver that passengers may need to fasten their safety belts.

Once the belt is buckled, the corresponding symbol in the instrument cluster will turn green. If a belt is unbuckled while the vehicle is moving, the corresponding safety belt symbol will flash red for several seconds and a chime will be heard.


Rear Seat Safety Belt WarningThe red version belongs to a manufacturer that uses the light only to warn rear seat passengers to buckle up. There are no color changes or flashes and it appears in the center display. There is however, a buzzer if a rear seat passenger is not buckled up.



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