Power Top Trouble Indicator Symbol

Convertible Top IndicatorThis is a Convertible or Power Top Trouble Indicator symbol. The image features just enough “split” or space at the point of the windshield and between the roof and the trunk to suggest that the roof can be folded away. Of course, the owner of a such a vehicle already knows the car is a convertible. The symbol adds the double directional arrows to indicate that what goes up can come down.

The symbol is meant to indicate trouble with the power top system, before the top is opened or closed. It comes on during a systems check when the vehicle is started and will stay on if a fault is detected. It will also come on during operation of the top and stay on if the process is not fully completed.



Unfortunately, if a convertible top gets stuck mid-stream going up or down, the trouble symbol will often seem pointless. And if there is a fault in the system, the switch will not activate the top!


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