All-wheel Drive On Indicator Symbols

AWD On IndicatorAWD-V On IndicatorThese are All-wheel Drive (AWD) On Indicators. Unlike many similar indicators looking indicators, these are green and serve to tell you that your vehicle’s all-wheel drive system is engaged and possibly what mode it is in.

Multiple modes makes the lights necessary. Is the light yellow/amber??



Note that any yellow/amber all-wheel drive indicator, possibly flashing, indicates a problem in the system that must be addressed by your dealer or other qualified service personnel. Turn the system off if possible.

The AWD-V adds a full Vectoring component, which is what the ‘V’ stands for. The stick figure or line drawing the letters are superimposed on are meant to be four wheels with the front wheels turned to the right.

In AWD-V, more torque is transferred between the rear wheels. This can lead to some slip in the outside wheel in extreme conditions. So, AWD only is recommended in very slippery conditions.

All this is more than necessary for most drivers, so stick to 2-wheel drive (AWD not engaged) in normal driving and AWD alone in slippery conditions.


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