Both Dashboard Symbols and Dead Key FOB App Updates Available

Updates for the Dashboard Symbols and the Dead Key FOB Apps are now available for both the Android and Apple platforms.

The latest version of the Dashboard Symbols App navigation by allowing a return to the Home Page rather than relying only on internal tabs. There is also a language correction in Blind Spot Monitor symbol definition.



The new version of the Dead Key FOB App Dead Key FOBfeatures a beautiful new dual page interface that integrates images with text while providing a single move from Opening to Starting your car, by manufacturer. It adds hidden key hole instructions for new BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai and Kia models and updates starting instructions for some Cadillac and Jaguar models (we’ve added more since).

Note that we have not updated the Blackberry versions of either app. Downloads are scarce…


At, we developed two Mobile Apps to help drivers with the most common questions asked of service departments everywhere: “What is this light on my dashboard?” And “My car says ‘Key Not Detected’. How do I get into and start my push-button start car?” With these two apps, we have your six. Check them out here.

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