Stephen Colbert’s Tech Requests of Elon Musk Could Have Exciting Impact

Elon Musk dropped in on Stephen Colbert’s TV show on July 24. The results of the interview in our view were nothing short of extraordinary.

After a bit of discussion regarding Stephen’s disappointment that Elon had not developed jet packs (problems with the physics), he Red Teslaasked what’s next? Elon tossed the question right back with, “What do you wish there was?”


This is where it gets really interesting. Stephen finds two basic areas of interest: the computer interface and device charging. On the latter, he wishes for a subscription service to a charging system so that anywhere he went his devices would be charged automatically.

Of greater interest is the computer interface. He first laments cables, wishing there weren’t any, and while thinking it through, pronounced the mouse and the keyboard as “a terrible interface.” His wish is to have a relationship with the machine that would result in a discussion of his needs, and the machine would do it.

Elon Musk’s reply was simply “Ok, we’ll do it.” The interview is linked below.

First, our hats go off to Mr. Colbert for putting together a terrific wish list on what appeared to be the spur of the moment. It certainly suggests some technological forethought from someone who spends his time – we presume – thinking of ways to make us laugh.

Second, the simple “we’ll do it” from Mr. Musk leaves no doubts in our minds that he will! In his spare time…

This leaves us very excited and with a request: start with the computer interface and please, start with the car! Your Tesla!

We too would love to see a natural conversational interface between the car – meaning its computer brain – and the user or driver, as we have expressed previously. They could discuss mutual needs! The result would be far less time spent looking at screens and instrument panels rather than the road. The more technically advanced cars become the more that is its own worst distraction.

Elon, please start with the car! (And share the resulting patents!?)

See the Colbert Report interview here.



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