Forward Alert and AVSM Indicator Symbols

Forward Alert IndicatorThis is a Forward Alert Indicator symbol. It shows an image of a car inside a triangle for reasons known only to the manufacturer. The technology makes use the Advanced Cruise Control (ACC) radar even when the ACC is not in use to warn if you are on a collision path with another vehicle or even the back of your garage!

It Illuminates green when activated and will move through yellow/amber and red and an audible warning will be heard if an obstacle is approached. It will remain green and not offer an audible warning if the driver is already braking. The sensitivity of the alert, or the distance to a detected obstacle, can be increased or decreased.


Advanced Vehicle Safety ManagementA similar function is found in the Advanced Vehicle Safety Management (AVSM) system. This indicator clearly says that the system is turned OFF, which is a driver’s option. If OFF has not been chosen, a malfunction is indicated. All other systems will function normally and the vehicle is safe to drive.

When in operation, the system will alert the driver to a vehicle ahead in his or her lane that is traveling at a slower speed with a vehicle image and the word CAUTION in the instrument panel information screen. The system will apply the brakes only gently and only when the driver’s foot is removed from the gas pedal.



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