Maserati Dead Key Fob Help

Getting Into Your Maserati

We were able to get hold of a 2015 Ghibli. Then in 2017, we had a Levante and were able to verify that this process will work across the product line.

Maserati Key FobRetrieving the Mechanical Key

Unlike other manufacturers, the mechanical key in the Maserati key fob is not connected to the key ring. Looking at the back of the key fob, note the separation on one side only (bottom arrow) which marks the location of the key. Also Mechanical keynote the button to push on the back side in the center (top arrow).



Push the button and pull the key out of the fob at the separation, as shown to the right.

Starting Your Maserati

Maserati startStarting the car is a simple process. Touch the “nose” of the key fob to the Start / Stop button. Push the button with the fob itself while stepping on the brake as you normally would. The car will recognize the key fob and start even though the fob’s internal battery is dead.

Click here for a video rundown of the process, featuring the Ghibli.


* Keep the instructions with you for help with other vehicles in our Dead Key FOB App. Search “Dead Key FOB” at your device’s store or click here.

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